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I'm a health coach, an obesity marketing expert, and a fractional CRO. 

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The reality is that even if your products or services are superior, you could still lose serious business to a competitor who has better Go-To-Market Strategies and sales processes.

It's frustrating, but it's the truth.

I can assist you in implementing tried-and-true revenue alignment strategies combined with modern-day tools to bolster your growth, all while ensuring cost efficiency (via AI solutions).

You're not in Kansas anymore!

Today, a whopping 80% of buyers are informed about your products and services before buying from you.

Even if they do, that's only the beginning.

You need to invest and optimize your entire customer lifecycle. 

Your customer's first touchpoint to their last touchpoint. In other words, from your buyer's awareness of you until they are advocates of your business.  

Obviously, right? But are you doing it correctly? 

I am the sales and marketing lead for the US-based wellness company SOZA®, a national franchise with purpose-driven healthcare providers.

I Don't Just Care About You

I Care About Your Clients, Too!

I co-founded SOZA in 2012 because of my passion for health and wellness which helped grow SOZA nationwide.

SOZA's provider network has transformed thousands of people's lives, not solely due to excellent services but also because of outstanding sales and marketing. 

Our team can do the same for you! 

SOZA Weight Loss Providers

My efforts get my clients on TV

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Media Buying

I can help pinpoint and secure prime advertising spots for your brand. I have the expertise to negotiate on your behalf and get the best deals. I constantly assist SOZA Weight Loss's partners with this weekly. 

Enterprise Sales

 My approach focuses on understanding the intricate demands of large organizations and providing them with solutions that drive growth, efficiency, and long-term partnerships. I worked for many years for a global corporate food giant and secured millions of dollars worth of contracts. 

Account Management

I'm of the camp that customer excellence trumps all departments. I can help you foster lasting relationships with your clients. It is vital to consistently meet their needs through dedicated oversight, regular check-ins, and a deep understanding of each client's goals.

Here's How We Work Together

We start with a chat.

We'll discuss your business, challenges, and goals. We proceed if there's synergy, and I'm confident in meeting your needs. To build trust, I could offer a try-before-you-buy.

Either I do it for or with you.

I'll work alongside your teams, aligning sales and marketing, implementing effective CRM systems, and even stepping in directly, like making crucial sales calls and copywriting. 

Continuous Refinement

We'll continuously tweak our approach, ensuring your business stays agile in a constantly changing market landscape.

In addition to my experience, I'm a Professional Certified Marketer® and a member of the American Marketing Association. 

One of many professional certifications that will help keep your business up-to-date.

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Download My Free Step-By-Step Guide for Creating an Effective High-Performing Sales Machine.

  • Growth Revenue Methodology 

  • Marketing Plan

  • Sales Plan

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  • What is a CRO? Growth Marketer?
    A CRO, or Chief Revenue Officer, is an executive responsible for all revenue generation processes in a company, overseeing or working with sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Simply put, we look at your revenue point of sales holistically. A CRO is not a sales person only or a marketer only. We don't work in "silos" although we do have specialties with a main focus on marketing. As a CRO, we care about your company's bottom line and if your marketing is enabling sales. A proper CRO is one who has had experience working in different departments.
  • What is a fractional CRO?
    A fractional CRO is like a part-time executive hired by companies. Instead of working full-time at one company, we split our time and expertise across multiple companies, providing high-level revenue and sales strategies without the cost of a full-time commitment. It's economical for businesses, especially smaller ones, to get expert insights and leadership in revenue growth. Note: I am not a consultant; I am part of your team, have admin access to your key systems and data, and will do actual work.
  • What is the significance of being a Professional Certified Marketer®?
    This certification doesn't automatically make me an "expert." It showcases my commitment to staying updated with the latest marketing trends and leveraging advanced AI tools to benefit your business. Furthermore, as part of professional associations like the AMA, I can brainstorm with peers and colleagues on effective marketing strategies, which in turn helps you.
  • What is an Obesity Marketing Expert?
    An obesity health marketer focuses on creating empathetic, non-stigmatizing communication tailored explicitly for all individuals exploring weight loss options, particularly those dealing with obesity-related health issues. We must prioritize inclusive and unbiased messaging to connect effectively with our audience and continue to assist healthcare professionals' marketing in promoting a practice free of bias.
  • What are some of the questions you'll ask in our first meeting?
    What are your business goals? How many new clients do you want/need/expect by next year? Is the founder bogged down working "in" the business instead of "on" the business? Tell me more about your ideal customers and buyers. What's your current and potential Go-To-Market Strategy? If you're a B2B, how long is your sales cycle? Let's discuss your stats, customer lifetime value, etc. How much are you spending on marketing? Paid media etc.? Which channels are you spending this advertising on? Do you have account executives doing outbound sales? What's your churn rate? How can it be improved? What did you think of the Game of Thrones ending? (Yes, I can be funny too 😜) How do you get customers today? Do you work with a digital agency? Can you walk me through the sales and buyer process? What's your TAM? Total-addressable market? Who does the product demos? Which specific function or department do you need the most help in today? i.e., What is tripping you up currently?
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