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  • What is a fractional CRO?
    A CRO, or Chief Revenue Officer, is an executive responsible for all revenue generation processes in a company, overseeing or working with sales, marketing, and customer service teams. Simply put, we look at your revenue point of sales holistically. A CRO is not a sales person only or a marketer only. We don't work in "silos." A fractional CRO, is like a part-time executive hired by companies. Instead of working full-time at one company, we split our time and expertise across multiple companies, providing high-level revenue and sales strategies without the cost of a full-time commitment. It's an economical way for businesses, especially smaller ones, to get expert insights and leadership in revenue growth.
  • What do you mean by "build," "optimize," and "strategize"?
    These terms represent the steps in the approach: "Build" means building out your inbound marketing and sales revenue engine. "Optimize" involves refining existing processes and aligning sales and marketing for maximum efficiency. "Strategize" is about planning for future growth and success. In essence, what we're trying to do, is maximize the whole buyer process from awareness to advovacy.
  • What is the significance of being a "Professional Certified Marketer®" and having a certification in AI copywriting with Jasper?
    These certifications do not automatically make me an "expert." These certifications showcase my commitment to staying updated with the latest marketing trends and leveraging advanced tools, like AI, to benefit your business. I currently use, Midjourney for visual images, and GPT4 for brainstorming. AI is here to stay.
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