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Today's modern buyer is 80% decided on their purchase before engaging with your sales team.

Invest LESS in scattered outreach,

MORE in streamlined sales processes.

Here Are Some of My Additional Services in Detail 

Clarify your marketing message

Clarify your why, what, and how you do what you do in all your marketing material. Includes your business one-liner. 

What is your client's internal/external problem, and how do you improve their life after working with you? Let's turn everyone in your company into a salesperson. - Inspired by the StoryBrand framework. 

✅ Create sales marketing funnels

Every business needs lead-generators, sales campaign emails, and nurture campaign emails. 

I can help you identify and write lead-generator emails, PDFs, sales emails to close, and nurture emails that are valuable and interesting. 

✅ Re-wireframe your website or create a new website

Restructure your website's wireframing in line with modern marketing principles and for selling!

Where do clients first look at when coming to a website? Where should your buttons be? Structure a proper and aesthetically great layout. - Inspired by the StoryBrand framework. 

✅ Develop a sales process

Implement a sales playbook and resources for your team to convert your clients. 

Filter leads into sales-qualified leads by reaching out to customers during different stages of the buyers' journey. 

✅ Interior webpages copy

Rewrite your interior webpages copy to reflect why, what, and how you solve your customers' problems.

Webpages will be optimized as well as with SEO, but more specifically for converting qualified leads based on inbound marketing principles. 

✅ Implement Your CRM

You need a CRM system to combine technology infrastructure and operational workflow. 

Today's marketing is more data-driven, and we need the right tools to help you optimize leads, sell more, and provide the customer experience your customers expect.  

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