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Entrepreneur, Professional Certified Marketer® & Health Coach!

Meet Gus.

Dad, Husband, Wellness Enthusiast and an Espresso Aficionado 

Gus Bouari Family

Helping Small Business Owners Grow in the Wellness Industry

I help small business owners build more profitable long-term businesses by overhauling their marketing and implementing digital growth strategies. 


SOZA Partners is the B2B portal of SOZA.


Healthcare providers offer the SOZA Weight Loss program but also implement modern marketing techniques to stay up-to-date. 


SOZA Weight Loss

I co-founded SOZA:

  1. Six clinics spread between Philly and South Jersey 

  2. Two clinics in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

  3. Became a National Franchise

  4. Approached and received an investment from a Philadelphia-based Venture Capitalist

  5. Pivoted to healthcare B2B

  6. 100k+ Patients Served

  7. 100+ Healthcare Providers Nationwide


Gus before and after new_edited.png

Lost 25 pounds

Even though I've always been into wellness, losing 25 pounds in 30 days (yes that quick) was a significant spark to get into the industry. 


I've been into wellness ever since I picked up my first Men's Health magazine back in high school.

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